the making of a popular educator

From 2003-2007, I worked at the Jefferson Center for Education & Research, a popular education center for working people of the rural Northwest, modeled after the Highlander Center in Tennessee.

The Jefferson Center was founded by Beverly A. Brown who, in 2005, died of cancer at age 54. Shortly before her death, Lin Nelson, Anne Fischel and Peter Kardas recorded a seven-hour oral history interview with Bev, tracing her trajectory growing up in a conservative rural community in northern California, to her her at the Jefferson Center, and what she learned along the way. In the interview, Bev talks at length about her philosophy and practice of popular education, especially as she developed it during her work through the Jefferson Center.

In 2010, Peter and I co-edited the interview transcript and published it as the centerpiece of this book, The Making of a Popular Educator, which has been used as a text in several undergraduate courses.


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