bio / resume

DSC_0009I’m a mother, oral historian, popular educator, and community-based organizer. I believe in the power of people’s stories as a catalyst for collective liberation.

Currently, I’m working as the organizer for the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice’s 2017 Sanctuary Cohort initiative. I also co-direct Amamantar y Migrar (Breastfeeding & Migration), an independent oral history/organizing project that explores the connections between motherhood and migration – specifically the impacts of immigration and immigration policy and enforcement on infant-feeding practices among immigrant mothers.

As a founder and co-coordinator of Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change, I facilitate the development of a national network of practitioners experimenting with oral history as a method to build movements and support work for social justice.

Originally from Minnesota, I first fell in love with the power and practice of oral history when facilitating a community-based oral history project (sistematización) with popular educators in Santa Marta, El Salvador. In the years since, I’ve been romping around the woods, coasts and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, interviewing and organizing for economic, racial and environmental justice.

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside rural and urban progressives, immigrants, people of faith, and low-income workers with organizations such as the Highlander-inspired Jefferson Center for Education & Research, the Rural Organizing Project (ROP), and the Oregon Coalition to Stop Wage Theft.

From 2011-2015, I directed ROP’s Rural Organizing Voices Oral History Project. The project informs ROP’s ongoing work by documenting and sharing the stories, lessons, organizing tools and wisdom amassed through ROP’s over 20-year history of grassroots organizing in rural and small town Oregon.

I have a BA in History from Yale University (2001) and a MA in Oral History from Columbia University (2011). I am a co-founder of the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice and serve as Board Chair for the Northwest Workers’ Justice Project. I’m delighted to be raising two children with my partner, Stephen, and a much-loved community of friends, in our home base of Portland, Oregon.